Rianne Downey – ‘Home’

Rianne Downey releases ‘Home’

Rianne Downey - Home
Rianne Downey image credit via press photo

Rianne Downey finds herself at ‘Home’ on her latest track.

Rising Scottish musician Rianne Downey has released her second single of 2022. ‘Home’ was created as the musician decided to leave Scotland for Liverpool to fulfill her dreams. The tale is a bittersweet story of when you leave the comforts of home to start anew.

She says of the song:

“I wrote ‘Home’ when I was still wondering whether I was going to stay or go. I always wanted to look to and travel over the horizon. Although I love Scotland, being from a small place can make people afraid to venture into the big wide world. That’s great for anyone that can settle, but it was never for me.”

‘Home’ is out today.

Connect with Rianne Downey:


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