Pearla – ‘The Place With No Weather’

Pearla shares new single ‘The Place With No Weather’

Pearla - The Place With No Weather
Pearla image via Tonje Thileson

Brooklyn’s Pearla has released her fourth single of 2022, ‘The Place With No Weather.’

Pearla (Nicole Rodriguez) has released her fourth track from her upcoming album Oh Glistening Onion, The Nighttime Is Coming. The track is an intimate yet sprawling song about space and all the possible ways for life to take form.

Here’s Pearla explaining some of the background around the track:

“I was thinking about outer space, and I was imagining all of the different possible ways for life to take form. I was feeling really stuck in my body, and sensitive to my surroundings. I wondered what it would be like to be free from that, from all earthly limitations, to feel your soul stretch out and take on some other form. It’s in many ways about social anxiety, and being around someone who makes you feel very small. And wishing to be something other than human, maybe a light or a floaty cloud, if only for just a second.”

‘The Place With No Weather’ follows previous singles ‘Effort,’ ‘Ming the Clam,’ and ‘About Hunger, About Love’ and is available today.

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