Casii Stephan – ‘Trust Fall’

Tulsa-based soul-pop/rock artist Casii Stephan has released a new single, ‘Trust Fall’

Casii Stephan Trust Fall
Casii Stephan via press photo

Casii Stephan has released her second single of 2022, a moody downtempo affair, ’Trust Fall.’

Tulsa-based pop/rock artist Casii Stephan has released her second single of 2022. A moody downtempo affair, ‘Trust Fall’ sees Stephan tell a story of opening up to a new partner regardless of what’s happened in previous relationships.

Casii describes the subject matter behind the track:

“When you know how badly it can hurt to have your heart broken and you still open yourself up to love and trust someone, it can be one of the bravest things you can do. That’s what this song is all about – learning to love again when it’s easier to keep your walls up,”

‘Trust Fall’ is available on streaming services today.

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