Sophia Alexa – ‘Going To California’

Sophia Alexa shares her desires in ‘Going To California’

Sophia Alexa
Sophia Alexa image credit via Press Photo

German-American singer-songwriter releases an introspective new single, ‘Going To California.’

London-based singer-songwriter Sophia Alexa has shared her latest track ‘Going To California.’ On it Sophia lays her radiant vocals over plucked guitar lines and soft backing percussion.

Speaking on the release, Sophia Alexa states:

“I wrote ‘Going To California’ when I was feeling a bit trapped in London, so I started to romanticize escaping to a different place. I was originally born in California and I’ve always wondered what my life would look like if I grew up there. I’ve kept it as a place in my mind I could escape to, which is what I wanted to say in this song.”

‘Going To California’ is out today.

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