Munan – ‘Your Life’

Munan, a new music project of Peter Lee, has released his debut single, ‘Your Life’

Munan – Your Life
Munan image via Snow Jung (RAW FIGURES)

South Korean-Australian newcomer Munan has released a hypnotic debut single, ‘Your Life.’

Peter Lee has been making infectious music for close to a decade. As one half of the Korean pop duo Chimmi, Lee has created accessible and engaging songs while also producing music for some of Korea’s major label acts (Super Junior and Day 6). Today, the South Korean-Australian has stepped out on his own to release his debut single, ‘Your Life.’

The track is a hypnotic three-and-a-half-minute ode to being true to yourself. It’s a message for people to live their best life and never give up:

“The song is about enjoying your own company and following your dreams. It tells people to never give up and to love each & every moment of their life.”

‘Your Life’ is out today.

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