Artists to Watch in 2022

Artists to Watch in 2022 - Music News - the Daily Music Report

The Daily Music Report is proud to present you with our first-ever artists to watch list. These are the artists starting to shape the landscape in music and are on the verge of making an enormous impact in 2022. From Deb Never to Yard Act, we introduce you to tomorrow’s trendsetters today. Find your favorite new artist.

Here are the 15 artists to watch in 2022.

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Deb Never - The Daily Music Report

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Deb Never

Bio: Bio: Deb Never is a Los Angeles-based songwriter/vocalist who’s known for making bedroom pop that draws on a multitude of genres. Her debut EP, House on Wheels was released in 2019. She’s worked with BROCKHAMPTON and Kenny Beats but is making a name for herself due to her sheer talent and ability to craft a desirable record.

Hails from: Los Angeles, California

Key track: ‘Sorry’

Fans also like: Jim E-Stack, spill tab

Artists to watch in 2022

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Bio: Griff is an English singer and songwriter who won the Brit Award for Rising Star (2021). She is signed to Warner Records and released her debut single, “Mirror Talk’ in 2019. One Foot in Front of the Other was released in June of 2021 to critical acclaim.

Hails from: Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, England

Key track: ‘Black Hole’

Fans also like: Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa

illuminati hotties - Music News - The Daily Music Report - Artists to watch in 2022

Image credit via Mariah Russek

illuminati hotties

Bio: The illuminati hotties are an American indie rock band hailing from Los Angeles, California. Created by producer, mixer, and audio engineer, Sarah Tudzin, the band has seen recent recognition due to their third studio album, Let Me Do One More. Sarah describes her music as “tenderpunk,” a genre that blends high energy with the melodic smarts of indie rock and a lyrical outlook that can sometimes be humorous but is always poignant.

Hails from: Los Angeles, California

Key track: ‘Pool Hopping’

Fans also like: Pom Pom Squad, Snail Mail, Car Seat Headrest

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Michelle - The Daily Music Report

Image credit via Daniel Dorsa


Bio: New Yorkers through and through Michelle was formed in 2018 and consists of Sofia D’Angelo, Julian Kaufman, Charlie Kilgore, Layla Ku, Emma Lee, and Jamee Lockard. The band was created from 6 unique individuals, each with distinctive perspectives coming together to form one cohesive unit. Michelle is known for their layered harmonies, analog synthesizers, vibrant percussion, and smoldering hooks that sees the four female vocalists push their boundaries while the men share production.

Hails from: New York, New York

Key track: ‘Sunrise’

Fans also like: Allen Stone, Deb Never, Spill Tab

Paris Texas - The Daily Music Report

Image credit via Brian Guido

Paris Texas

Bio: Paris Texas is an American alternative/hip-hop group from L.A. founded in 2018. The duo consists of Louis Pastel (producer) and Felix (rapper), who met in community college in South Central, Los Angeles. In 2021 they released 2 EPs: Boy Anonymous and Red Hand Akimbo. Their sound combines biting guitars, intense drum machines, and chilling horror movie synths.

Hails from: Los Angeles, California

Key track: ‘HEAVY METAL’

Fans also like: OutKast, King Krule, N.E.R.D.

Pentire - The Daily Music Report

Image credit via @emily.dxvies


Bio: Pentire are an English quartet that deliver catchy hooks backed by rocking guitars and a steady rhythm section. Give these gents a listen if you enjoy the British punk scene that has been gaining ground over recent years. They currently have only six songs on streaming sites so you can brag you found out about them early on their journey.

Hails from: Herefordshire, England

Key track: ‘Best Friend’s House’

Fans also like: Squid, Yard Act

Pinkpantheress - The Daily Music Report

Image credit via Jesse Crankson


Bio: PinkPantheress is an English singer, songwriter and record producer that became famous due to her going viral on TikTok. After several highly successful videos on TikTok, the star released her debut mixtape To Hell With It in 2021.

Hails from: London, England

Key track: ‘Pain’

Fans also like: Clairo, Eyedress

Rejoice - The Daily Music Report

Image credit via Andrew Albrecht


Bio: Ohio hardcore is alive and well. Brandon Studebaker, Nathan Arthur, Nathan Snitchler, Tom Boyd, and Knox Fields combine to make Rejoice. Chaotic at times, dialed-in at others, Rejoice draw influences from groups like Cursed, Dead in the Dirt, Mind Eraser, and Converge. With no track over 3 minutes in length, the Ohioans bring high energy to everything they do. Signed to Delayed Gratification Records expect more from Rejoice in 2022.

Hails from: Columbus, Ohio

Key track: ‘Monstrous Dove’

Fans also like: Cursed, Converge

Spill Tab - The Daily Music Report

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Spill Tab

Bio: Spill Tab is the stage name of Claire Chicha, a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Claire’s brand of music is quite vast having grown up on a mix of jazz, classical, and Disney pop. If we were to classify her music it would be indie-electronic bedroom pop. Often singing in both English and French, she received quite a significant amount of buzz with the release of her 2020 EP, Oat Milk and her Bonnie EP one year later.

Hails from: Los Angeles, California

Key track: ‘Cotton Candy’

Fans also like: Billie Eilish, Charli XCX, Lorde

Tall Heights - Press Photo for 'Juniors' - The Daily Music Report

Image credit via press photo

Tall Heights

Bio: Tall Heights is an electro-folk duo based in Boston, MA. The group was formed in 2009 and at its core consists of Paul Wright and Tim Harrington. The journey for these best friends has been exciting as they have evolved and tinkered with everything from the instrumentation to production to the size of their band. With Juniors they seem to be on the verge of something big.

Hails from: Boston, Massachusetts

Key track: ‘The Mountain’

Fans also like: Band of Horses, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens

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Tems - The Daily Music Report

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Bio: Tems is a Nigerian singer and producer who first came to prominence in 2018 with her debut single, ‘Mr Rebel.’ Since then, she has been featured on WizKid’s ‘Essence’ in April of 2021 and Drake’s Certified Lover Boy on ‘Fountains’ (September 2021). With a little luck and a whole lot of skill, Tems seems to be on a path to redefine the Nigerian music scene (and more) with her undeniably unique blend of R&B and Neo-Soul genres.

Hails from: Lagos, Nigeria

Key track: ‘Fountains’ (Drake Song)

Fans also like: Lauryn Hill, Beyoncé

Tierra Whack - The Daily Music Report

Image credit via Flo Ngala

Tierra Whack

Bio: Tierra Whack is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Whack gained initial interest when her debut album, Whack World drew critical acclaim through its 15 minute-long songs. Most recently she has released a series of 3 EPs in 2021: R&B, Pop, and Rap.

Hails from: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Key track: ‘Stand Up’

Fans also like: Rico Nasty, Lizzo, Missy Elliott

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Tony Shhnow - The Daily Music Report

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Tony Shhnow

Bio: Tony Shhnow’s latest 2021 release is the sequel to Kill Streak, the Atlanta rapper’s standout mixtape from last year. The 16-minute project follows a string of recent mixtapes including Authentic Goods, which was Pitchfork writer Alphonse Pierre’s pick for “The Best Underrated Albums of 2021.”

Hails from: Los Angeles, California

Key track: ‘Vet’

Fans also like: 2 Chainz, Future

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Wet Leg - The Daily Music Report

Image credit via Holly Whitaker

Wet Leg

Bio: The brainchild of Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, Wet Leg, comes from a shared love of The Ronettes and Jane Birkin. Their brand of post-punk brings fun to the forefront through their use of dry lyrics paired with their hard-hitting guitars. File Wet Leg under irresistible duo indie sensation. They are worth the hype.

Hails from: Isle of Wight, England

Key track: ‘Chaise Lunge’

Fans also like: Dry Cleaning, Squid, Yard Act

Yard Act - Music News - The Daily Music Report

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Yard Act

Bio: Yard Act is a British post-punk band from Leeds. After signing with Island Records, the band has just released their full-length debut, The Overload. Formed in 2019, you can expect to hear brash, in-your-face music accented with a sense of humor.

Hails from: Leeds, England

Key track: ‘The Overload’

Fans also like: Dry Cleaning, Squid, Wet Leg

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