Tall Heights – ‘Juniors’

Massachusetts duo, Tall Heights release their third LP, Juniors

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Tall Heights overcomes heartache while embracing the joys of life in a whirlwind buildup to create their third album, Juniors.

Produced by: Tall Heights & Mike Mogis

Tall Heights have been on a mission to change the music landscape with their brand of music since 2009. Today, the Massachusetts duo of Paul Wright and Tim Harrington (Tall Heights) release their third album, Juniors. It’s an album born out of the heartache and bliss that life can present you with at any given moment.

Paul and Tim came into the writing sessions with heavy hearts. Harrington’s grandfather and a beloved grandfather figure for Wright had both passed. Not all was lost though, in far happier news came the announcement that each of their wives were expecting. Combine that with the uncertainties at the beginning of the pandemic, and you have a formula ripe for songwriting. The result is an album that precisely channels the pain, uncertainty, and unbridled joy of its inception. Tim Harrington describes his thought process of dealing with extreme emotions while creating an album, “After everything we went through, we came to a place of understanding that we have no control, that each new day is an adventure we need to approach with beginner’s eyes.” Wright adds: “Through all the discomfort, we took it as our mission to stay humble and hungry, to know that everything will change and to be prepared to find something of real value in that—and to find ourselves in it, too.”

Juniors is the follow-up to 2018’s Pretty Colors For Your Actions. The album opens up with ’Keep Me Light.’ It’s an inspiring first track that sets the mood for what’s to come. Two of our favorite tracks are ‘The Mountain’ and ‘Raindrop’. It’s on these tracks where Tall Heights are at their best. The minimal production allows you to focus on how the two voices harmonize, intertwine, and balance the other. It’s these tender moments that musicians strive for. Ones where you can almost touch their words. The best compliment we can give a songwriter is to highlight their ability to take you somewhere. And Tall Heights do just that. It’s safe to say that the hardship and prosperity leading into the sessions have resulted in a delightful end product.

Looking back at the year that gave rise to their latest album, Harrington and Wright have adopted a new look on life. Yes, life may give you challenges, but if you push through you will ultimately overcome. “I feel ready to view each next chapter of Tall Heights as another round of Juniors,” says Harrington. “This experience has emboldened us to create in any situation—because when life got very intense, we doubled-down on what we care about the most: creating songs together. And it felt fresh and new in that context.”

Juniors is out today, January 14 via Tall Heights and Many Hats Distribution.

Standout Songs: Keeps Me Light, Hear It Again, The Mountain, Raindrop, Lonely World, Flyin’ Overhead


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