illuminati hotties – ‘Let Me Do One More’

illuminati hotties release their third album, Let Me Do One More

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The illuminati hottie’s third album, Let Me Do One More, is a 41-minute affair that perfectly balances the mundane with the extravagant and playful pop with tender emotional moments.

Produced by: illuminati hotties

Label disputes can go one of two ways. They either crush the artist in the process, or they come out the other side stronger and more persistent than ever. Ms. Tudzin, the musician and producer behind illuminati hotties, was in such a conflict with her previous label, Tiny Engines. Tudzin saw an opportunity though, and chose to persist when she released the mixtape, FREE I.H: This Is Not the One You’ve Been Waiting For in 2020. The album was a self-released affair completed as a way to buy her way out of her contractual obligation.

Enter 2021. And with the new year come new opportunities. That persistence and strong will made way for the creation of her imprint label, Snack Shack Tracks, a partnership with Southern California’s Hopeless Records. Free of the weight of a label oversight committee, the new relationship has allowed Tudzin to retain complete control of her musical choices.

Let Me Do One More, released on October 1, exemplifies Tudzin’s desired sound and showcases her experience of mixing and producing (Slowdive, Weyes Blood, and Tim Heidecker). It’s her battle cry for what can be done when an artist and label are moving in unison. A little bit rock? Yes. Folk at times? Yes. Power pop, shoegaze, and tenderpunk (a term coined by Tudzin)? Yes, yes, and yes. And depending on what song you’re listening to, she will conjure up feelings of joy, love, or a hateful rage you’ll never want to experience for yourself. All of these emotions infused with her DIY ethos, wit, and charisma allow for the album to radiate with life. There’s a noteworthy ebb and flow to the album that most musicians search and strive for most of their careers to find. Tudzin captures these moments with unparalleled skill and confidence that sound effortless in the process.

Let Me Do One More is that album we’ve been looking to play loud and often in our offices. The genre-defiant album exceeded our expectations from the energetic opener, ‘Pool Hopping’ to the stripped-down, final track, ‘Growth.’ And if this album is any indication of what we can expect from Tudzin in the coming years, we’ll be along for the ride. Let’s just not hope any more disputes are needed to create such treasures.


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