Casual Vice – ‘On the Exotic’

Southern California duo, Casual Vice delivers debut album, On the Exotic

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Casual Vice release their much-anticipated debut album, On the Exotic

Produced by: Kyle Krone

Casual Vice has been busy. Very busy. For the past two years, Kyle Krone (The Shys) and Brandon Hoogenboom (Set Sail) have penned 42 songs (Read our review ‘Personality‘ from June) and released two EPs. And as of today, you can add a full-length album to their catalog. On the Exotic, the duo’s debut album arose out of ashes from a world that came to a screeching halt due to the pandemic. Krone explains his process and mindset through it all, “My writing began to expand wider in response to my circumstances, I needed my music more than ever, I needed my books, my typewriter, my pen, the studio. I spent nearly all my time in the studio, traveling in my mind through the music I’ve been creating and the art, film, and literature I’ve been absorbing.” And the album reflects that sentiment. Krone and Hoogenboom’s passion and professionalism come through loud and clear via their unmistakable understanding of how to compose a pop song.

The two recorded the On the Exotic sessions in Kyle’s home studio. Each song was crafted in the hopes of capturing individual moments that would build into one cohesive album. And although Casual Vice has only been together for less than two years, their work demonstrates their maturity and dedication to their craft. ‘Darkside’, the album’s second track, might be the most feel-good song about a dysfunctional relationship we’ve ever heard. Although heavy in content, the song sets you at ease. It’s a track where you can lose yourself if you’ll allow it. Later on the album ‘Battles’ finds the band reflecting on tackling individual demons. How with confidence and conviction you will always overcome. “It doesn’t matter to you. So don’t give up. Cause it can be scary. It can be unsettling to fight these battles alone. When it’s unclear of the next step to take or if I’m better off on my own.”

Casual Vice delivers an admirable debut album. One where the 80s synth sound is embraced and takes center stage. On the Exotic delights from the first track to the last.

On the Exotic is out today, September 3, 2021 through Studio Casual.


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