Varsovia – ‘Diseñar y Destruir’

Lima electronic punk project Varsovia releases their second album Diseñar y Destruir (Design and Destroy)

varsovia (foto hector delgado)
Varsovia image via Hector Helgado)

Peruvian electronic punk project Varsovia returns after an eight-year hiatus and delivers a haunting new album Diseñar y Destruir.

Produced by: Dante Gonzales and Fernando Pinzás

Composed of Fernando Pinzás, Dante Gonzales, and Sheri Corleone, Varsovia have had a long history dating back to the early 2010s. Formed in 2012, the trio’s first major release was 2014’s Recursos inhumanos [Inhuman Resources]. Today, Varsovia builds on that legacy established so many years ago and releases their sophomore album, Diseñar y Destruir.

Created with analog synthesizers like its predecessor, the album is 31 minutes of intense electronic body music (EBM). Think synth-punk with elements of disco and dance. Essentially, a mix of Front 242 and a little bit of Devo (without the humor).

But unlike their celebrated aforementioned debut album, this new production reflects a greater influence of styles such as industrial music, 80s synth-punk, and EBM, all while maintaining the sound of analog synthesizers as a principle. Lyrically, the band highlights the violence in Peru in the 80s. The songs highlight the terrorist bombings, blackouts, and armed conflict of a country in chaos. You don’t need to understand Spanish to comprehend the doom and gloom emphasized in their music, it’s right there on the surface with titles like ‘Cuerpos anestesiados’ (Anesthetized Bodies), ‘Obedecer sin cuestionar’ (Obey Without Question), and ‘Torres de tensión’ (Tension Towers).

Diseñar y Destruir is published by Buh Records in vinyl format in an edition of 500 copies and includes guest musicians such as Mexican saxophonist Martín Escalante and guitarist Óscar Reátegui of the legendary band Dios Hastío. It was recorded and mixed at Paraíso del Silicio by Dante Gonzales, and mastered by Alberto Cendra at Garden Lab Audio.

Standout Songs: Diseñar y Destruir, Obedecer sin cuestionar, Torres de tensión


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