The Know – ‘EP2’

The Know: A Rising Star in Shoegaze and Dream Pop

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Rising L.A.-based shoegaze/dream pop duo The Know deliver a mesmerizing second EP, EP2, and with it solidify their place within the shoegaze and dream pop genres.

Produced by: Jennifer Farmer and Daniel Knowles

Rising L.A.-based shoegaze/dream pop duo The Know are still early in their musical journey. Started in 2018, the husband/wife team began when Daniel Knowles suggested to his wife that instead of traveling home for the holidays, they stay local and start to create music together. For the next few weeks, they isolated themselves in their home studio with no real plan, just a mutual love of Beach House, The Jesus and Mary Chain, 60s girl groups, and the evocative storytelling lyricism of Patsy Cline and The National.

Out of those sessions came their debut EP, wearetheknow. Released in 2020, it quickly became a fan favorite, particularly the lead single ‘143.’ The song is an autobiographical and fantastical tale of a night out on the town that uses the numerical code for “I love you” as its title.

“‘143’ is a numerical code for ‘I love you.’ It was popular with couples back in the era of pagers and TV’s Mr. Rogers, who was so fond of the number his wife Joanne says he kept his weight at one hundred and forty-three pounds his whole adult life. Lyrically, it’s set during the time period we first fell in love ourselves,” says Knowles.

With the release of their latest EP, EP2, The Know have solidified their place within the shoegaze and dream pop genres. The album features two mesmerizing singles, ‘Used to Be’ and ‘Me,’ that highlight their signature sound of reverb-heavy dream pop and captivating shoegaze.

‘Used to Be’ is a slow-burning track that explores the complexities of relationships, with haunting vocals and a dreamy melody that lingers long after the song ends. Meanwhile, ‘Me’ is a love song that captures the excitement and thrill of falling in love with another person, set against a backdrop of lush soundscapes and intricate instrumentation.

Daniel Knowles said of the second single:

“’Me’ is a recollection of the start of a relationship and events between two people during lockdown but this one mostly covers the good stuff. It’s a love song about the thrill you feel when you connect with another person.”

Since their inception in 2018, The Know’s music has been praised for their ability to create immersive soundscapes that transport the listener to a world of their own making. Their unique blend of influences and emotive storytelling has earned them a place as rising stars in shoegaze and the music industry as a whole. As they continue to grow and evolve as artists, The Know will continue to be a band to keep tabs on. Their passion for music and their commitment to their craft are sure to bring them continued success and capture the hearts of fans. And EP2 reinforces that belief.

Standout Songs: Used To Be, Me

Release Date: April 27


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