The Early Mornings – ‘Ultra-Modern Rain EP’

The Early Mornings rise to the occasion on their second EP, Ultra-Modern Rain

The Early Mornings - Ultra-Modern Rain EP
The Early Mornings image via Luke Keatinge

The Early Mornings release a five-track EP that’s original, distinctive, and like nothing else in recent memory.

Originally from Manchester, United Kingdom the London-based post-punk trio, The Early Mornings are set to release their second EP, Ultra-Modern Rain on Friday, January 20. Follow-up to their debut EP Unnecessary Creation from mid-2021, the new project is a five-track collection that explores themes that fall outside the typical cliches heard in many songs today.

Here’s Danny explaining the writing process in a recent interview:

“We want to avoid the cliches that you always hear in songs. Avoiding lines that you’ve heard in different variations like a hundred times. I mean, we just don’t want to do that. We just want to write things we’ve never heard before. I just have fun with words. Like, it’s just boring when you use the same phrases again and again. So, I guess we just try and come up with something a bit more original.”

Released alongside a Rough Trade exclusive double-vinyl (including their debut EP Unnecessary Creation), the EP further entrenches the trio as one of the most impressive up-and-coming bands in the post-punk scene.

Sonically, the trio sit on the sharp, angular, and poppier side of post-punk. Strong bass runs coupled with a concise and nonchalant vocal delivery make for a unique sound all their own. In our write-up for the lead single and title track ‘Ultra-Modern Rain’ (released November 2, 2022) we described the title track as a “ripping, tight, and biting earworm.” And we stand by that assessment. As for the EP, just multiply that 5x.

If you’re a fan of post-punk music, then you’ll want to check out Ultra-Modern Rain. The Early Mornings have delivered an EP that’s original, distinctive, and like nothing else in recent memory.

Standout Songs: Ultra-Modern Rain, It’s Not What You Want, First Words

Release Date: January 20


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