Puppies in the Sun – ‘Light Became Light’

Peruvian duo based in Rotterdam, Puppies in the Sun, release their debut album, Light Became Light

Puppies in the Sun - Light Became Light
Puppies in the Sun via Cristóbal Pereira

Light Became Light, the debut album from Puppies in the Sun, is a glorious experiment in improvised “noise” rock that will stand as a template for future bands to learn from for years to come.

Produced by: Puppies in the Sun

With their first music released in 2018, Puppies in the Sun is a Peruvian electronic duo based in Rotterdam. Composed of Alberto Cendra (synthesizers) and Cristóbal Pereira (drums), the band is an eclectic mix of electronica, rock, and experimental influences. And it almost didn’t happen. Friends in childhood, their paths crossed coincidentally in Barcelona as adults.

Totaling seven tracks in all, Light Became Light doesn’t spare any expense. Throughout the 40 minutes the duo push themselves to create an intriguing collection of electronica forged in spontaneity and experimentation. With an emphasis on impromptu and improvised sounds, Light Became Light will go down as a statement piece that delves into the ritualistic and ceremonial nature of the genre. It’s an fascinating collection of electronica deserving of your time. From the opening notes of ‘Futuro’ to the closing of ‘A Very Short Trip Around a Supervoid,’ the album’s frantic interplay of instrumentation is a joy to experience.

Light Became Light is available today on LP and your favorite streaming service.

Standout Songs: ‘Futuro,’ ’Star, The Time Has Come, You Are Ready,’ ‘Raging, They Came to Dance,’ ‘Light Became Light,’ ‘A Very Short Trip Around a Supervoid’


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