PRADO – Machines

PRADO releases Machines

PRADO image courtesy of the artist

Nicolás Prado releases Machines, a precise and dialed in experiment.

Produced by: Nicolás Prado

Nicolás Prado has been many things in his life. He is the son of jazz guitarist Andrés Prado and singer/songwriter Paloma La Hoz. He is a professionally trained guitarist. And he’s also an accomplished musician who released two EPs in 2021 under the name of Bixzey.

Today, the young musician can add the title of electronic music producer to his ever-growing list of accomplishments. Following his previous two releases in 2021 (Distorted Reality and Stuckin Space,) his latest 9-track collection entitled Machines is 19 minutes of electronic experimentation that is precise and dialed in.

On Machines the London-born and Peru-based musician gathers elements of drum & bass, breakcore, IDM, metal, and video game music to create one cohesive album that flows from one moment to the next. The sounds are unique, yet heavy. Each feels as though it was selected from a vast library just for that moment. And although the tracks may be short (the longest coming in at 3:02), they are memorable. Each is deconstructed and reformed for maximum effect.

As for the titles, each song refers to the “viral imaginary, the hacking of machines, and the disease of technology.” Song titles like ‘Error,’ ‘Invasion,’ ‘Virus,’ ‘Collapsed System,’ and ‘Chemical Waste’ create the mood in an instant. It’s as if they are a soundtrack for a collapsing world on the other side of the screen. A post-apocalyptic creation unfettered and looking for a victim.

Released on November 25 via Buh Records, Machines is available on all digital platforms and in a limited edition on cassette. A special video release directed by Nicolás Prado of ‘Chemical Waste’ will accompany the album.

Standout Songs: Error, Invasion, Virus, Chemical Waste, Fuel


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