Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – ‘La Panthère des Neiges’

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis release their latest collaborative effort, the soundtrack to ‘La Panthère des Neiges’

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Nick Cave and Warren Ellis collaborate on a haunting, yet soothing soundtrack to La Panthère des Neiges that offers many moments of reflection with one’s thoughts.

Produced by: Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Luis Almau

On the heels of February’s Carnage, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have joined forces yet again. This time it’s in the form of a soundtrack. The longtime collaborators have composed the score for the documentary Les Panthère Des Neiges (The Snow Panther). The film follows wildlife photographer Vincent Munier and Sylvain Tesson as they make it their mission to see a wild Tibetan snow leopard. The album is full of orchestral pieces as opposed to your conventional rock album. As such, it offers the listener many moments of isolation and reflection with one’s thoughts. ‘Le Cerfs,’ the second track on the soundtrack, offers an early and memorable moment as it’s one of the few tracks where we hear Cave’s trademark baritone voice. As you approach the halfway point of the album, ‘Les Nomades’ and “La Grotte’ offer you a moment to step back from the experience and allow you to realize how calm and relaxed you are. All in all, the album is quite a joy to listen to as it sets you at ease. Without even knowing the backstory, you feel part of the experience. Part of the human experience of partaking on a journey of which you may not know the outcome, but are willing to experience firsthand through all its ups and downs.

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Standout Songs: Les Cerfs, Antilope, Les Nomades, Les Ours, L’apparition / We Are Not Alone


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