Maia Toakley – Reverie

Maia Toakley shares Debut EP Reverie

Maia Toakley image via artist’s Facebook Page

From intimate ballads to infectious pop-rock anthems, Maia Toakley shines in Reverie.

Produced by: Maia Toakley

Maia Toakley’s debut EP, Reverie, is a magnetic collection of varied tracks that showcase her noteworthy talent and thoughtful songwriting. With a sense of vulnerability and conviction, Toakley delivers a compelling musical experience on her debut EP.

From the moment you press play on Reverie it is evident that Maia Toakley possesses a voice born to tell stories. Her rich and soulful vocal delivery effortlessly draws you into her world. Featuring a diverse range of tracks, the collection showcases multiple sides of Toakley’s artistry. From the familiar sounds of ‘I’m Told’ to the remarkably soothing ‘Less Than Electric,’ Toakley hits all her marks.

Overall, Maia Toakley’s Reverie EP is an exciting and enjoyable introduction to her artistry. With its combination of intimate ballads and infectious pop-rock anthems, this collection of songs will leave you craving for more. Maia Toakley’s talent and potential shine bright throughout the EP. Let’s hope a larger project drops soon.

Standout Songs: Eye To Eye, I’m Told, Less Than Electric

Release Date: June 23


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