Luna Morgenstern – ‘Dance Dance (Don’t Go)’

Luna Morgenstern releases her second EP Dance Dance (Don’t Go)

Luna Morgenstern - 'Dance Dance (Don't Go)
Luna Morgenstern image via Nikola Lamburov

Luna Morgenstern’s ‘Dance Dance (Don’t Go)’: A Mesmerizing Exploration of Pop’s Unlimited Potential.

Produced by: Luna Morgenstern

Luna Morgenstern’s EP, ‘Dance Dance (Don’t Go),’ is a mesmerizing exploration of pop music’s boundless potential. Combining club-leaning sonic touch-points with influences from Charli XCX, Shygirl, and Caroline Polachek, Luna creates an electrifying experience that pushes boundaries. The EP features standout tracks like the trance-inspired title track, the drum-and-bass anthem ‘Jealous,’ and the infectious ‘Summerlove.’ Luna’s self-taught production skills shine throughout, drawing inspiration from EDM behemoths Kaskade, Da Hool, and Gigi D’Agostino: “Growing up, I used to buy these compilation CDs called BRAVO, so I would end up listening to these huge dance and trance hits when I was really young.”

‘Dance Dance (Don’t Go)’ also delves into personal and thought-provoking themes. Luna’s single ‘IDONTOU’ sheds light on the dark side of the Dutch music industry, highlighting issues of sexual assault and emphasizing the importance of reclaiming control. The EP’s closing track, ‘Day I Die,’ is a poignant lullaby that reflects on Luna’s relationship with her late mother and the longing to revisit precious moments, “it’s about this longing to go back in time and revisit some precious moments I had with her, that seemed so mundane at the time, but that I would give everything to relive again looking back at it now,” she says. Luna’s ability to merge fictional and autobiographical elements creates a fragmented series of diary entries that cover coming of age, identity, and love in a world dominated by social media.

With her EP, Luna Morgenstern showcases a unique blend of pristine electro-pop, glitchy experimental hyper-pop, with nods to Eurodance, trance, house, and EDM. Her raw and emotive lyrics invite listeners into her world while the backdrop of dancefloor-inducing beats transports them to a Berlin night out. Luna’s commitment to creating a complete artistic experience is evident in the accompanying visuals and the nostalgia-inducing CD release.

‘Dance Dance (Don’t Go)’ solidifies Luna Morgenstern’s position as one of the most thrilling and innovative artists leading the European charge. Her captivating storytelling, self-taught production skills, and willingness to push boundaries make this EP a must-listen for fans of pop music seeking a transcendent and immersive musical journey. Available now via Nine And A Half, Luna’s EP is a testament to the power of pop music to inspire, provoke, and connect.

Standout Songs: Dance Dance (Don’t Go), Jealous, Summertime

Release Date: June 9


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