Little Trips – Downhill to Paradise

Denver-based indie duo releases a dreamy, pop-leaning debut album

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Little Trips image credit via: Glenn Ross

Little Trips’ debut album is a dreamy, pop-leaning affair that flows from one track to the next.

Produced by: Greg Laut, Jason Paton, and Drew Vandenberg

We knew this day was coming. Larry Fury has been talking about it incessantly for the past month. Little Trips have released their debut album, Downhill to Paradise. See, Larry Fury is part nemesis, and part mascot/sidekick to the Little Trips. And whether on Twitter or when he stops to refill his spacecraft, Larry Fury has been telling anyone that would listen about the release.

And while Larry Fury has been telling everyone about the Denver-based indie band, Laut and Paton have been doing the hard work. They’ve released 3 singles (Orange & Foggy, Midmorning Train to Amsterdam, and Future Nostalgia) over the past several months. Each building up to today’s release.

Downhill to Paradise is a dreamy, pop-leaning affair that flows from one track to the next. Standouts include ‘Future Nostalgia’ and ‘In the Margins’. The former conjures reminders of the Beach Boys while the intro of the latter could be the intro to a Smashing Pumpkins song (minus the drum machine 😉).

Greg Laut and Jason Paton co-produce Downhill to Paradise with Drew Vandenberg (Faye Webster, Of Montreal). And the result is a dazzling, cohesive debut album that deserves to be heard from all the corners of space. Laut and Paton share instrumental responsibility as both play guitar, drum machine, and keyboards throughout the 8-track album. The album features Pistol Stoessel (Cracker, Faye Webster) on steel pedal.

Paton describes the process and the difficulties of creating an album in a pandemic, “Creating this album was a strange juxtaposition between isolation and freedom. We struggled to bridge the physical isolation and remote collaboration, but found confidence to reach out to peers that seemed out of reach previously to collaborate.”

We’re glad they found the confidence. Not only do we enjoy the album, but it will also keep Larry Fury busy for a while as he travels the universe telling anyone that will listen about Downhill to Paradise.

Little Trips debut is out today, October 27, 2021.



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