Joey Harkum – ‘Salt And Tar’

Joey Harkum releases an intimate and reflective album, Salt And Tar

Joey Harkum
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On Salt And Tar Joey Harkum strips away the unnecessary and reveals what’s most important.

Produced by: Frank Marchand

Joey Harkum has released his follow-up to 2021’s Storyboard. On Salt And Tar Harkum takes a step back to reflect on life and reveal what is truly in his heart. And that’s love, heartache, and everything in between. Gone is the rhythm section. Gone is the interplay with other band members. And most importantly, gone are the walls that so many keep up to avoid pain. This album is pure emotion as it explores both sides of life: the bleakness and toll that life can take juxtaposed against the sheer and utter joys that only a growing family can provide. Harkum throws himself into these themes with reckless abandon. So much so you can hear the agony in his voice. You hear the triumphant moments front and center. And you hear the in-betweens that bridge the two together.

The album is not only a personal affair, but also a solo one as six of the eight songs are strictly Harkum’s voice and guitar. And it makes sense as the subject matter on Salt And Tar is about as intimate as one can get. From spending time with a spouse (‘LOVIN ARMS’) and welcoming the birth of his child (‘SALT AND TAR’) to witnessing firsthand the effects that drugs have on those addicted on the title track, Salt And Tar covers it all.

Consisting of new and previously released tracks, Salt And Tar is sonically fresh and more refined than previous incarnations. It’s as if Harkum has pulled everything together and executed his plan with clarity and precision. The result is an album that sounds full despite being a solo effort. Salt And Tar is a gratifying listen and Joey Harkum’s most personal to date.

Salt And Tar is available on all streaming services today.



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