Ira Nor – ‘Swim Ira’

Oslo-based pop newcomer Ira Nor releases debut EP Swim Ira

Ira Nor - 'Swim Ira'
Ira Nor image via press photo

Oslo-based pop newcomer Ira Nor makes waves with the release of her debut EP Swim Ira.

Produced by: Øyvind Glåmen

Norwegian newcomer Ira Nor has just released her debut EP Swim Ira. The five-track release showcases the Oslo-based artist’s penchant for ethereal pop coupled with a subtle electronic edge.

“It’s intuitive for me,” she explains of her songwriting process. “I often feel like my head is bursting with melodies but I suppress them until I feel like I have so many ideas I need to get them out, and then I let them burst through.” Like a furious moment of possession, Ira admits that she often wonders where it all comes from.”

The lead single from Swim Ira, ‘flashback,’ perfectly encapsulates this emotional journey with its plaintive vocals and sweeping synth lines. Elsewhere on the EP, tracks like ‘swim alone in the dark’ and ‘doomed’ explore similar sonic territory, presenting a captivating soundscape that is both dreamy and mesmerizing.

You can listen to Swim Ira in its entirety on Spotify or Apple Music, and be sure to keep an eye out for Ira Nor as she continues to make waves in the music world.

Standout Songs: flashback, swim alone in the dark, doomed


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