Honey Gentry – ‘Different Water’

Honey Gentry shares Different Water EP

Different Water
Honey Gentry image via Press Photo

London independent artist Honey Gentry (ˈhʌni ˈʤɛntri) releases a sophisticated 3-track EP, Different Water.

Produced by: Honey Gentry

Hailing from the vibrant city of London, UK, Honey Gentry is a talented independent artist who crafts captivating baroque pop tailored for introverts. Through her music, she delves into the realms of escapism, dreams, and mythology all while forging her own unique artistic path. What sets Honey apart is her ability to create a genuine and intimate experience by entirely self-producing and recording her music from the cozy confines of her own making.

Drawing inspiration from influential musicians like Mazzy Star, Tori Amos, and Lana Del Rey, Honey is moved by artists who transform deeply personal and private moments from their teenage and young adult years into profoundly relatable and human compositions.

Her latest offering, the sophisticated and ethereal three-track EP titled Different Water, glistens with enchanting synthesizers, layered vocals, and delicate piano melodies, evoking a celestial aura throughout. Within the EP, a recurring theme emerges—the vastness of space. Honey reveals, “I gravitate towards outer exploration rather than internal introspection, preferring to focus on the future rather than dwell on the past.” This sentiment echoes in the track ‘Nebula,’ where Honey’s voice resounds, “Somewhere in space there’s a star being born / Nothing but dust and a desire to form.” Highlighting these lyrics as personal favorites, the songwriter explains, “It’s all been said before but when you really think about the enormity and complexity of the universe we live in it puts small problems into perspective but also, lends life its profound meaning.”

Different Water is available today on all streaming services.

Standout Songs: Nebula, Under Taurus

Release Date: May 26


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