Gurun Gurun – ‘Uzu Oto’

Experimental Czech quartet, Gurun Gurun have released their latest album, Uzu Oto

Gurun Gurun image credit via: Jan Dobry

With Uzu Oto, Gurun Gurun draw you in with their brand of frantic glitch-pop and don’t let go.

Produced by: Gurun Gurun

Gurun Gurun are an experimental, ambient, & improvised music collective that creates their music through unconventional means. The Czech quartet is known for deconstructing alternative pop tracks through the use of glitches, electronica, and unorthodox song structures. As a live experience, you will see the four men (Jára Tarnovski, Ondřej Ježek, Tomáš Knoflíček, and Federsel) hunched over tables filled with cords and wires pressing buttons and turning knobs. Created in concert, Gurun Gurun’s latest album,Uzu Oto was recorded over several performances. With each track from a different concert, several of the recordings even reach back prior to their previous album, Kon B.

As for this album, Uzu Oto, sometimes it’s better to tell you what an album isn’t instead of what it is. And this album isn’t boring. This album isn’t asking to be played in the background. And this album definitely isn’t like anything you’ve heard in quite some time. Gurun Gurun bring texture to the forefront. Reverberations, doors closing, and radar blips all overlap setting the mood within the first few moments. At one minute the sounds emanating out of our speakers were gentle and graceful with elements of tranquility. And in the next moment we felt an overwhelming feeling of being surrounded by an alien life form moving about our apartment. In between the sounds is where the album really takes hold. The anticipation and tension are palpable throughout the recordings. The band’s dedication to their craft while discovering new sounds make this album otherworldly. They draw you in with their brand of frantic glitch-pop and don’t let go.

This isn’t an album to play while you wash the dishes. And it’s not an album you’ll mow your lawn to. But it should be an album that you play if you want to discover something new that involves a sense of mystique and charm not found in mainstream music today.

Uzu Oto features the Kyoto-based singer Cuushe and Asuna, a sound artist from Kanazawa. The LP cover is by Czech artist, inventor, and sonic anarchist Petr Válek. Gurun Gurun have explored the divine horizon, the underworld, and the beyond, and Uzu Oto are their remarkable travel notes.

Uzu Oto is available everywhere today, March 11, 2022.

Standout Songs: Komorebi, Toumeiningen (ft Cuushe), Otamatone, Uzu (ft Asuna)


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