Fran Vasilić – ‘The Very Last Thoughts on Earth’

Croatian TikTok sensation Fran Vasilić is set to release a four-track EP, The Very Last Thoughts on Earth

Fran Vasilić
Fran Vasilić image via press photo

Genuine and charismatic in his approach, Fran Vasilić has released an emotional and heartfelt EP, The Very Last Thoughts on Earth.

Produced by: Fran Vasilić

Singer/songwriter from the island of Krk, Fran Vasilić has built a grassroots following of over 4 million followers on TikTok. Particular in his approach, Fran has an uncommon ability to market himself and connect with his listeners due to his unique brand of showmanship.

Today, the Croatian musician has released an emotional and heartfelt EP, The Last Thoughts on Earth. Recorded on his own, the four-track EP showcases his smooth yet raspy baritone vocals over bedroom pop musical arrangements. What makes this short project stand out is how he wears his emotions on his sleeves. There is a feeling of authenticity not seen often in music today. Each note feels as if it may be his last.

As for the subject matter within the project, the EP navigates the uncertainties of life in your 20s.

Fran confides:

“I remember feeling so confused about so many things and thinking that any mistake I make will be ‘the end of the world,’ and so that’s how the title came about. The EP opens with ‘Subject,’ a song about a situation that I’ve probably overthought the most in my whole life. The three songs coming after it are ‘Might as Well,’ ‘Maybe,’ and ‘The One About Rejection,’ each following my decision-making process from ‘sure, why not’ to learning how to say no and trying to not feel guilty about it.”

The Very Last Thoughts on Earth is available Friday (July 22) on all streaming services.

Standout Songs: Subject, Maybe, The One About Rejection


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