Fazerdaze – ‘Break!’

Fazerdaze releases an inspiring five-song EP, Break!

Fazerdaze - Break!
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New Zealand singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Amelia Murray returns after a five-year hiatus and delivers a fresh and distinctive EP, Break!

Produced by: Amelia Murray

Written during a three-month lockdown while living in solitude for the first time, Amelia Murray breaks her silence and delivers a fresh and distinctive EP, Break! Although short in length (5 tracks) the EP carries a lot of weight and meaning for the New Zealand artist. The writing sessions took place not soon after her nine-year relationship took a turn for the worse and ended. Needless to say, Amelia was in the midst of rediscovering herself both as a musician and a human.

Here’s Amelia discussing the inspiration behind the EP and the title:

“Because I was so private about the pain I was experiencing I called the EP Break! to reflect the way that I got myself out of the pain; by breaking, shouting for help, drawing a line and telling people around me that I’d had enough. It was an ugly but transformative time, and I made massive shifts forward in my life when I finally allowed myself to come undone. In this space of brokenness, I found power, freedom, a blank canvas. Break! is ultimately about surrender and acceptance of ugly truths.”

As for the music on the EP, or any art for that matter, when the final product is created under distress it typically exceeds expectations. And Break! is no exception. Although the 5-track EP barely breaks 14 minutes, plenty is going on. From the opening track ‘Break!’ through to the closer ‘Overthink It’ Fazerdaze excites with clever songwriting and solid musicianship. Let’s just hope she doesn’t take another 5 years before her next project.

Break! is available on all streaming services today and was released via section1.

Standout Songs: Break!, Thick of the Honey, Come Apart


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