Dutch Uncles – ‘True Entertainment’

Dutch Uncles release their sixth studio album True Entertainment

True Entertainment
Dutch Uncles image via Oliver Sangster

On True Entertainment Manchester’s Dutch Uncles release their most collaborative album to date.

Produced by: Henry Broadhead

Manchester-based art rock band Dutch Uncles are back with their sixth studio album, True Entertainment. Known for their eclectic sound, complex arrangements, and sharp lyrics, the band has built a dedicated following over the years. So, what does their latest offering bring to the table? Let’s dive into it.

The opening track ‘True Entertainment’ is a catchy synth-driven track that sets the tone for the album. The song (and album title) is a reference to a name bestowed upon Wallis by lead guitarist Peter Broadhead. The Prince-influenced track highlights the awkwardness Wallis encounters when he’s recognized as a singer in a band while working one of his many public-facing jobs. The album’s third single ’Tropigala (2 to 5)’ is a certified party anthem. Featuring backing vocals from Metronomy’s Anna Prior, the track successfully combines an infectious bassline, pulsating drums, and funky guitar riffs that create an instant earworm.

The album’s middle section sees Dutch Uncles experimenting with different sounds and genres. ‘Poppin’,’ for instance, is a frenetic track inspired by the Brian Eno-produced Talking Heads albums. On it, the band has constructed some of the most impressive instrumental work on the album. On ‘I’m Not Your Dad,’ the band conjures up a quirky, vocal-heavy performance that feels right at home on this project. The song’s production is slick, modern, and dailed-in.

Here’s Duncan Wallis discussing the album:

True Entertainment behaves like it knows it’s been away for some time and doesn’t apologise for that. Ultimately, it’s written with the mindset that on our sixth album, we’re only in competition with ourselves when it comes to finding satisfaction in our craft.”

Overall, True Entertainment is a solid effort from Dutch Uncles. The album showcases the band’s versatility and willingness to experiment with different sounds and genres. The result is their most collaborative album to date with all members contributing musical ideas. While not every track is a winner, the album’s stronger moments are memorable and showcase the band at its best. True Entertainment is a worthy addition to Dutch Uncles’ discography.

Standout Songs: True Entertainment, Tropigala (2 to 5), Poppin’, Dead Letter

Release Date: March 10, 2023


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