Dazy releases his first full-length album OUTOFBODY

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Dazy releases a relentless 25-minute debut full-length album that comes at you hard and fast.

Produced by: James Goodsen

Created in a spare room with a couple of small amps and Garageband, Dazy (James Goodsen) delivers a relentless 25-minute record that comes at you hard and fast. Big hooks, fuzzed-out guitar, and an energetic rhythm section made for an arena are commonplace on any Dazy project. And OUTOFBODY is no different.

Dazy’s debut full-length is a sprawling, yet focused collection that pulls from influential artists like Oasis, Green Day, and the Ramones, but is overwhelmingly and distinctly Dazy. Released via Lame-O Records, along with a cassette version from Convulse Records, OUTOFBODY walks a sonic line between the two labels. On one hand you have the rich, textured harmonies of a Lame-O record. And on the other hand you have the loud and abrasive tones you’d expect from a Convulse record. But all of the 12 songs are short (11 of the 12 are under 3 minutes) and carry a wallop. Incorporating Goodsen’s love of punk, college rock, and Britpop, the songs are without a doubt Dazy.

Here’s Goodsen discussing catalyst behind Dazy:

“A lot of Dazy has been about pushing myself out of my comfort zones, and at first that just meant finally putting out new music at all,” he explains. “I’ve always played in bands and made music, but before Dazy I’d been sort of stuck for a while. I never stopped writing songs but I wasn’t sure what to do with them, and they were piling up on my computer for years.”

At its core, Dazy’s music is a force that is bound to be recognized by the masses. It’s just a matter of time. His harmony-laden, fuzzed-out guitar riffs, and huge refrains are exactly what music needs right now. It takes a confidence and smarts to pull this off, and Dazy has both.

OUTOFBODY is available on your favorite DSP today. Give it a spin.

Standout Songs: Split, On My Way, Motionless Parade, Choose Yr Ramone, Ladder, Gone


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