Daya – ‘In Between Dream’

Daya shares her third EP, In Between Dreams

Daya - In Between Dreams
Daya image via press photo

GRAMMY® Award-winning, multi-platinum pop singer-songwriter Daya has shared a 4-track EP that flutters in the space between dreams and reality.

Produced by: Andrew Goldstein and Oscar Scheller

Pittsburgh, PA-native returns to follow up her 2021 EP The Difference. In Between Dreams is a 4-track collection that combines two previously released tracks (‘Her’ and ‘Love You When You’re Gone’) with two new songs (‘New Romantics’ and ‘See You In My Dreams Tonight’).

As a collection, the tracks flows seamlessly from one track to another. Produced Andrew Goldstein and Oscar Scheller the EP further entrenches Daya as a force to be reckoned with. Bold, compelling, and accessible, Daya’s latest project may be limited in length, but the singer-songwriter packs it in.

Here’s Daya in her own words discussing the collection:

“The songs on the new EP deal with that gray area in between dreams and reality,” she said of the EP, “contrasting the romantic notions of what my relationship was versus the stark reality of what actually happened. As with the previous project, I am dealing with the loneliness and missing puzzle pieces of life, using music as a vehicle to find my own voice and identity while working through these tough emotional issues.”

She continued,

“Though there were many creative upsides to all of those early successes, having all that happen at a young age meant that I was missing out on other important aspects of becoming a young adult and developing as an artist. I had this real fear that I was out of touch with how real relationships work and felt like I needed to become more grounded. Taking a step back allowed me to spend more time with family and friends and go through the ups and downs of normal relationships. All of these current tunes come from real life.”

In Between Dreams is available today on your favorite streaming service.

Standout Songs: Love You When You’re Gone, See You In My Dreams Tonight


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