Búho Ermitaño – Implosiones (Review)

Búho Ermitaño create a captivating tapestry on their second full-length album Implosiones

Búho Ermitaño
Búho Ermitaño image via Héctor Delgado

Búho Ermitaño unleash a sonic revelation with Implosiones, their first album since Horizonte in 2014.

Produced by: Búho Ermitaño and Camilo Uriarte

Búho Ermitaño’s highly anticipated second album, Implosiones, has arrived. Hailing from Peru, these visionary psych explorers have returned with a remarkable blend of kraut rock and Andean folk influences resulting in a mesmerizing fusion of hypnotic instrumentals, enchanting melodies, and explosive cosmic rock that will leave you reeling.

Formed in Lima back in 2008, Búho Ermitaño began their musical journey as a jam band guided by the talents of Franz Núñez (guitar) and Diego Pando (guitar). Over time, their sound evolved and expanded with the inclusion of Irving Fuentes (charango) and Leo Pando (synthesizers), bringing a distinctive sonic palette to their compositions. In 2014, the lineup solidified with the addition of Ale Borea (percussion) and Juan Camba (drums), cementing their unique musical identity.

Within the captivating tapestry of Implosiones, Búho Ermitaño’s expansive collection of instruments weaves a diverse soundscape. Guitars, bass, drums, synthesizers, theremin, flutes, and charango all blend harmoniously to create rich sonic compositions. As the instruments intertwine, the album takes you on an extraordinary journey through a fascinating assortment of tracks. From the invigorating beats of ‘Herbie’ that pulsate with percussion-driven rhythms to the mesmerizing neopsychedelia of ‘Explosiones,’ each song unveils its own irresistible charm with seductive melodies and impeccably crafted arrangements, immersing listeners in a transformative musical experience.

Implosiones was recorded and mixed by Camilo Uriarte at Eco Estudio, with mastering handled by Alberto Cendra and Camilo Uriarte. Released by Buh Records in a limited vinyl pressing of 300 copies, the album not only entertains with its auditory splendor but also delights visually with artwork crafted by About Visual Studio.

With the release of Implosiones, Búho Ermitaño solidify their status as torchbearers of the Peruvian psychedelic rock scene. Prepare to be carried to faraway places and let the sounds of Búho Ermitaño’s Implosiones engulf your senses in a sonic embrace like no other.

Standout Songs: Herbie, Explosiones, Ingravita, Buarabino, Renacer

Release Date: June 23


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