Buh Records – ‘Messages from Water: New Sounds from Peru, Vol. 1’

Buh Records releases, Messages from Water: New Sounds from Peru, Vol. 1

Buh Records Compilation - The Daily Music Report
Cassette image credit via: René Sánchezo

Buh Records releases a compilation album, Messages from Water: New Sounds from Peru, Vol. 1, a digital release and limited edition cassette of Peruvian experimental music and sound art.

Produced by: Various

Today, Buh Records have released a compelling compilation album that pushes the boundaries of what Peruvian musicians and producers are creating. The ambient sounds within are vast, original, and imaginative. From the onset the listener is thrown into a world of ever-changing sonic landscape, both nostalgic and futuristic. For the uninitiated, the tracks may sound like a collection that doesn’t work together, but we beg you to give it a chance. Whether you pull back to view from afar one track at a time, or deep dive into the 10 soundscapes at once, the compilation will reward you if you let it. The approachable moments are numerous. Soarer’s ‘Causa y efecto’ and Vered Engelhard’s ‘Dirty River’ come to mind. They are delightful, dense, and multi-layered tracks that reveal more and more upon each listen. Then there’s one of our favorite tracks on the compilation, Vered Engelhard’s ‘Dirty River.’ In it, Engelhard brings you to the river’s edge through the use of field recordings. Whether it’s children playing, or the natural sounds of the bubbling river, they transport you so close you can almost touch the water.

The collection is a first of a series produced by Buh Records for Centro del Sonido, a website set up as a digital archive of Peruvian experimental music and sound art. The compilation has been made by Luis Alvarado and is published in digital and a limited edition on cassette. The mastering was made by Alberto Cendra and the art by René Sánchez. This project was also made possible due to funding from the Economic Stimuli program of the Peruvian Ministry of Culture.

Messages from Water: New Sounds from Peru, Vol. 1 is available everywhere today, February 2, 2022.

If you would like to learn more about the musicians included in the compilation please see the individual links below.

Standout Songs: Ayver’s ‘Reconciliación con la vida’, SOARER’s ‘Causa y efecto’, Vered Engelhard’s ‘Dirty River’


Artist Links:

Mauricio Moquillaza

Michael Magán




Vered Engelhard


Lucía Beaumont

Isabel Otoya

Grave for Amanda

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