Bad Milk Dirty Peaches – ‘The Great Wind Spirit’

Bad Milk Dirty Peaches releases his sophomore album, The Great Wind Spirit

Bad Milk Dirty Peaches - The Great Wind Spirit
Bad Milk Dirty Peaches image via Press Photo

Louisville electronic musician and producer Caleb Cook, A.K.A. Bad Milk Dirty Peaches, has released a peaceful and relaxing second album.

Produced by: Bad Milk Dirty Peaches

Independent musician and producer Bad Milk Dirty Peaches has followed up his debut album, Keesho Bird from early 2022. His latest effort, The Great Wind Spirit, is a peaceful and relaxing listen made for contemplation.

Written during the fall and winter months (September through December 2022) in Kentucky, the album’s slower pace flows along with purpose and determination. With the 8 tracks averaging roughly 1:40, the tracks are short, yet well thought through. The project can easily fall into the background if you let it. Give it your time and attention though. If you do, you will be rewarded.

Here’s Caleb discussing what makes The Great Wind Spirit so special for him:

“I always love the way a certain record feels when it’s played in that season that makes you really feel it. Like something about listening to High Violet by the National while also bundled up in layers just feels so right. That’s what this album reminds me of… nighttime drives, or rainy, cold weather season music played with coffee and a book. I love both.”

The Great Wind Spirit is available today on all streaming services.

Standout Songs: Oakomoka’s Blessing, Simple Lumin, The Wind Speaks, Under the Night Sky at the Foothills of the Cosmic Mountain, Ga Jarruu

Release Date: January 20


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