Amy Stroup – ‘Since Frank’

Amy Stroup shares new album Since Frank

Since Frank
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Amy Stroup’s Since, Frank is a powerful collection of songs reflecting her inner peace and personal growth.

Produced by: Chad Copelin

Amy Stroup, the self-proclaimed “song farmer,” has shared her fourth solo album, Since, Frank. Release on June 23, this long-awaited record showcases Stroup’s ability to tap into rich emotional honesty and vivid storytelling. Produced by Chad Copelin (LANY and Ben Rector) and featuring drips of overdubs and drum samples created by James McAlister, Since, Frank presents a cohesive sound that envelops the listener in a world of introspection and hope.

Since, Frank marks a significant milestone in Stroup’s career, arriving four years after her previous album, Helen of Memphis. This time around, Stroup centers her singular voice and offers a collection of songs written specifically with herself in mind. The writing process took place over several years in both LA and Nashville, where she is based. However, it wasn’t until her journey to dusty Norman, Oklahoma, with her faithful companion, her dog Frank, that the project really came to life. There’s something about the wide-open landscapes and solitude of the drive that provided the perfect backdrop for her creativity to flourish.

She describes these songs as “freeze frames of pivotal emotional moments of me finding a safe place to live from inside my own body.” Drawing from these personal experiences (Stroup has undergone extensive experiential therapy and self-nurturing work) Stroup’s experiences are reflected in the depth and authenticity of her songwriting.

Thematically, the album revolves around finding inner peace and discovering a sense of contentment within oneself. On it, Stroup delves into the universal experiences of heaviness and reprieve that reside in all of us. The journey begins with the lush strings of ‘Valley,’ a stream-of-consciousness track that explores how love has the power to lift us from the depths of despair. ‘Night Wave’ delves into the struggle with intrusive thoughts, while ‘A New Life’ featuring Broncho yearns for a fresh start. The heartfelt ballad ‘As Long As You’re With Me’ featuring Andrew Belle showcases the unwavering power of unconditional love. The album concludes with a resounding and hopeful message in ‘Self Talk.’

Closing on a resounding note of hope and unity, Stroup’s Since, Frank reminds us that despite the heaviness we may carry, we will ultimately find our way toward a brighter future. So, let the melodies wash over you, embrace the introspection, and allow Stroup’s music to transport you to a place of self-discovery and healing.

Standout Songs: Valley, As Long As Your With Me (feat. Andrew Belle), Break The Feeling, Self Talk

Release Date: June 23


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