The Backseat Lovers – ‘Close Your Eyes’

Utah’s The Backseat Lovers release ‘Close Your Eyes’

The Backseat Lovers - Close Your Eyes
The Backseat Lovers image via Travis Bailey

The Backseat Lovers release ‘Close Your Eyes,’ an emotionally charged single in support of their upcoming album release in late October.

Fresh on the heels of their previous single ‘Growing/Dying,’ The Backseat Lovers release a cathartic and sprawling track, ‘Close Your Eyes.’ Building momentum from the onset, the song explores early-adulthood confusion and how that affects one’s relationships on a larger scale.

Joshua Harmon discusses how he and Jonas Swanson approached the song’s writing,

“We were both singing about the same sort of feelings, our relationship with our parents, and our perspectives in that moment of seeing ourselves turning into adults. It was a bit of an affirmation from the universe, realising that these two songs could be the same song. That really sparked what ended up being the entire backbone of the record, which was Jonas and my songwriting partnership and companionship.”

‘Close Your Eyes’ is released via Polydor and available today on all streaming services. Their album, Waiting to Spill is set for release on October 28, 2022.

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