Sea Glass / Benét – ‘(i have jokes) If You Wanna Hear One’

Sea Glass and Benét join forces to release their new single ‘(i have jokes) If You Wanna Hear One’

sea glass - (i have jokes) If You Wanna Hear One
Sea Glass image via press photo

Sea Glass and Benét unite to inspire the next generation with ethereal melodies and flowing narratives on ‘(i have jokes) If You Wanna Hear One.’

Sea Glass (side project of New York-based producer Jake Muskat) has joined forces with Virginia artist Benét. Finding its origins on a simple, classical guitar, the new single was originally written as a lullaby in response to his (Sea Glass) son’s birth. He shares:

“I liked the idea so much I decided to record it, but wanted to make it fit my production style. As I worked on it, I was more excited by its progress than anything else at the time. It took me 6 months of searching for a good top line when Benét offered to write on it. Their playful melody and lyrics just smashed the demo death loop I was in into smithereens. It came together very quickly from there. I had my close friend Jared Saltiel add live drums and the whole thing gelled together perfectly.”

‘(i have jokes) If You Wanna Hear One’ is available to listen to today on all streaming services.

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