Surprise Baby – ‘Too Right’

Track By Track: Surprise Baby take us through their debut EP, Too Right

Too Right
Album cover for Too Right by Surprise Baby courtesy of the artist

Dive into the enchanting musical landscape crafted by Surprise Baby, the dynamic duo composed of producer Claire Morison and musician-songwriter Sarsten Noice. Released in September of 2023, their debut EP, Too Right, intricately blends the roots of folk with the allure of indie-pop, delivering a captivating sound. In this exclusive track-by-track, the duo discuss the stories and inspirations woven into the EP. Join us as Surprise Baby invites us into the depths of their artistry, where vulnerability meets creativity, and each note resonates with the essence of their unique sound.

1. ‘Good Use’

‘Good Use’ speaks to the desire to work with my hands, almost jokingly the mantra, “so I put myself to good use” repeats throughout the song as if I was willing myself to be better. This song was written after being woken up by a big earthquake and where my mind jumped too in that moment when I thought I was going to die.

2. ‘Poison the Well’

This song is about feeling the energy of a room or situation or relationship shift. Losing grip on something that is slipping away.

3. ‘Motorcycle’

‘Motorcycle’ is a song about escapism and the desire to run away from discomfort. It’s also a song about wishing I had a motorcycle.

4. Ketamine’

This song is about a friendship and the moments of tension that can exist at times. It is also rooted in knowing you will always be there for someone, and reminding them of that. I wrote this song in a way, trying to explore feelings of trusting God and remembering that we know so so little.

5. ‘Bless the Loser’

The story behind this song is one of angst. ‘Bless the Loser’ was written during a time of real growth and learning. To me it feels like a story of all those uncomfortable feelings one goes through when you’re growing up and trying to create yourself.

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