Munan – ‘Tranquillity’

Track By Track: Munan takes us through his new EP, Tranquillity

Album cover for Tranquillity by Munan courtesy of the artist

Diving into the captivating realm of musical expression, South Korean-Australian artist Peter Lee is excited to share Tranquillity, his debut EP. Composed of five carefully nurtured songs that encapsulate a year of musical exploration and introspection, Peter found solace in recording and writing the tracks in his home studio. Tranquillity introduces a captivating fusion of genres, merging elements of indie-pop and rock, with touches of alternative and psychedelic influences. Listen along as Munan takes us through his debut EP, track by track.

1. ‘Comes in Two’

‘Comes in Two’ is a chill/disco song about how two people come together for love, dancing, and other activities. It’s better to do things with someone than just by yourself.

2. ‘Luv Me’

‘Luv Me’ is a song about how someone would go out of their way to express their love for another person.

3. ‘Once Upon a Time’

‘Once Upon a Time’ is a short story of an innocent child finding inspiration and slowly maturing into an adult. I could say it’s a “coming-of-age” song.

4. ‘Unforgettable Feeling’

‘Unforgettable Feeling’ is an awesome track that I think is more of a drum song. The drums in this song are amazing, and I hope the listeners also think so. The song is about coming forward with what we want and not hiding it anymore.

5. ‘Mr. Taxi Driver’

‘Mr. Taxi Driver’ is mainly about not being able to get home late at night. The only person you can rely on is the taxi driver. Metaphorically speaking, the taxi driver is the sober “you.” When you’re not yourself and make the same mistakes repeatedly, you beg yourself to never do it again. But bad habits don’t change.

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