LOW-RES – ‘Därför’

Track By Track: LOW-RES takes us deep into their latest album, Därför with this exclusive track by track

Album cover for Därför by LOW-RES courtesy of the artist

Drawing inspiration from the ethereal soundscapes of 90s ambient guitars and the warmth of analog synthesizers, LOW-RES, a Stockholm-based duo, crafts mesmerizing pop melodies that pulse with energy. In 2021, they burst onto the scene with their debut full-length album Varför, which showcased their talents and included notable guest appearances by artists like Jukka Rintamäki (Silverbullit) and Per Nordmark (Fireside). Their follow-up four-track EP, Du å ja, which dropped in 2022, showcased their evolving style with the use of analog drum machines and Swedish lyrics, delivering a sound that was both refined and captivating. Now the duo are back with the release of their sophomore album Därför. Building on their signature sound, Därför promises to be an immersive listening experience, featuring lush instrumentation, soaring vocal harmonies, and evocative lyrics that lead listeners into a world of transformative sonic landscapes. So sit back, hit the play button, and let LOW-RES take you deep into their latest album with this exclusive track by track.

1. ‘Stigma’

Feels like: A banshee announcing seven hundred punches.

Simon: When I first heard the demo, I was like; “are we THIS good now?” Then Johan Hinders added his vocals about sylphs and elemental spirits, and it became the most original track we ever made.

2. ‘Helga’

Feels like: Grease, sirens and musky skin.

This song had a retro vibe from the start. The lyrics are about two friends of ours who were completely limitless, it always ended in chaos. We wanted to convey that feeling in the music, and pulled it all towards a mix of early 70s metal, psych and a general sinister vibe.

3. ‘Makeup’

Feels like: A sustained choir of distorted mouths.

In contrast to some of the darker tracks on the record, we wanted to make ‘Makeup’ as poppy as possible. Lots of everything. We love the combination of melodies and loud guitars and here that feeling gets to dominate in true 90s spirit.

4. ‘Away’

Feels like: Madonna, a factory and the obligations of true regret.

A few years ago we performed some songs that Jorge Elbrecht had produced for Caviare Days, since then we have had him in mind for a potential collaboration. We sent him the track and he liked it. Normally he sends his mixes to Heba Kadry so we wanted to keep that pipeline. When we heard the result we were amazed by how good everything sounded and how beautiful the vocals of Emelie Strange came through. Like candy to your ears.

5. ‘Spirit’

Feels like: Sweat, plant based protein and micro beads.

This song was written in the same vein as ‘Stigma.’ They share something, a feeling, an energy. The idea was that Johan Hinders would write a text about Ernest Jünger’s “Visit to Godenholm,” but instead he ended up singing only one word: Spirit.

6. ‘Gloom’

Feels like: Trays of abandoned fruits in a conference room.

Jukka Rintamäki suggested we check out Yulia Bizyukova’s solo project Everything by Electricity for a potential collaboration. We liked it right away and asked if she wanted to work on a draft we had. Writing and recording vocals and synth overlays in London, Yulia took the song to a new level resulting in a poetic dream full of melodies.

7. ‘Coral’

Feels like: A school of fish smashing into invisible walls at every turn.

Here you can hear the fine work from Konie, who mixed most of the songs on the album. All songs have gone through tape and on this song it is heard extra clearly and adds a warm and crunchy vibe. The song is about the love between child and parent.

8. ‘Kitchen’

Feels like: This is a parade with a disco platform and the last woman on earth-dancing.

Initially this was a cover of ‘Alfabet för analfabet’ by Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons, with the working title; Kitchen. We sent the instrumental to Calle Olsson, who in turn invited Maria Pettersson. Together they went to a cabin in the forest where they recorded and completed the song with lyrics and synth overlays.

9. ‘Aberdeen’

Feels like: Sigourney Weaver in a temple of vapor and mist.

Contrast. On and off, hard and soft. Inspired by ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’ by Brian Eno and ‘The 15th’ by The Wire. Spiky guitars meet airy pop melodies where Emelie’s lyrics about leaving an idiot turns the song into a fuck you anthem ála dump your boyfriend!

10. ‘Skenbubblan’

Feels like: An eight ton truck driving into space.

A poem about social phobia by Emelie Strange. An attempt to put into words the feeling that everyone dislikes you. To physically be in a bubble, behind a filter, behind a camera lens. The lyrics are connected with the title track, ‘Ja kan bara ett ord å de e varför,’ from our debut album Varför from 2021.

11. ‘Därför’

Feels like: A nice set of words preserving a primitive cauliflower.

An instrumental ending to the album whose title track links the two albums on the double vinyl — Varför/Därför. A tribute to one of our favorite bands, Spiritualized.

Conclusion by Diffan Sina Norman:

The music on this album is a winter oasis that pummels you with comfortable sadness and optimism. Endearing future stuff.

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