Krooked Tongue – ‘Deathproof’ EP

Track By Track: Krooked Tongue’s vocalist and lyricist Oli Rainsford breaks down their sophomore EP, Deathproof

Album cover for Deathproof by Krooked Tongue courtesy of the artist

Bristol, UK’s Krooked Tongue have released their second EP, Deathproof. Follow up to 2022’s No Vacancy Hotel the project includes the previously released tracks ‘Lupines’ and ‘Velociraptor’ as well as two new tracks ‘Backseat Therapy’ and the title track ‘Deathproof.’ Collectively, the EP’s energy towers over the 13-minute collection. The result is a project that blends alternative rock with punk and grunge influences with quality and precision. In this exclusive track-by-track, vocalist and lyricist Oli Rainsford takes us on a sonic journey uncovering the substance behind each track.

“‘Deathproof’ as a body of work is our best to date, it’s been a gradual evolution. Like altering the DNA ever so slightly to ultimately create a more pronounced shift. It’s still our sounds and our values but the songs are progressing in a more fleshed out way. They sound better. Everything is more exciting to create each time. 2022 was our first proper year as a full fledged band and it was crazy how fulfilling it was, but this EP is the catalyst in springboarding us in a new direction of being a more refined outfit.”

1. ‘Backseat Therapy’

I wrote ‘Backseat Therapy’ after jumping in a cab one day and the driver was venting to me about the shitty day he was having. We kept getting stuck in traffic and he was continuously apologising that he couldn’t get me to where I was going quicker, despite me telling him it was absolutely fine and not his fault. The conversation led to him telling me about how badly some people have treated him and that he was considering quitting. Anyway, I ended up kind of being a life coach for the journey and reassured him that he was a nice bloke and he was doing a good job. Hence ‘Backseat Therapy.’ We were best pals by the end of it.

2. ‘Velociraptor’

‘Velociraptor’ is one of those songs that we’ve been playing frequently at gigs over the past year and it’s a song that always had people asking when it was due to be released. So we knew right away that we had to get it recorded. It just felt straight away like a single too. ‘Velociraptor’ is a song about finding the inner animal and letting it loose. You have to find space in this fucked up world to have fun, get wasted, kiss and tell. We’re not here for a long time, so it may as well be a good time. We love the old raptor too because when we play it live, you can feel the crowd’s urge to bounce with the rhythms and it creates a really surreal experience and it’s sick.

3. ‘Lupines’

I remember when we first started practicing ‘Lupines’ in rehearsals, the vibe and the energy in the room between all 3 of us was pinnacle. Like we knew we had something special. It’s got that eerie nature within the verses that is pretty unique but also I think it captures our essence and sound as a band. Then it’s got that powerhouse chorus. We’re super proud of ‘Lupines’ and we’re beyond thrilled with the response we’ve had to its release also. We played a packed out launch show a few months back for the release and to hear everyone singing the chorus on the day of release was beyond humbling.

4. ‘Deathproof’

‘Deathproof’ is the sort of tune that feels like the climax of our newer tunes. It’s got that ‘grand finale’ energy. Something about the first time we heard it back in the studio was just electrifying, especially the way it climbs to the last chorus. Lyrically, I think it just culminates in my outlook on the state of the world currently. I think it relates to people. Bad people disguised as good people, normal people being used and pitted against each other. The instinct to know there’s something, many things, off kilter with the direction modern society is heading. If nothing else, we hope this EP helps to feed into your feelings, or helps you forget about all that noise and just enjoy the music.

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