Harrison Storm – ‘Wonder, Won’t You?’

Track By Track: A dive into Harrison Storm’s debut album, Wonder, Won’t You?

Harrison Storm - 'Wonder, Won't You?'
Album cover for Wonder, Won’t You? by Harrison Storm courtesy of the artist

Wonder, Won’t You? (Nettwerk), Australian indie folk singer/songwriter Harrison Storm’s soul-stirring debut album, takes us on a genuine exploration into the depths of his heart and mind. Released today, the intimate project invites listeners to break down emotional barriers alongside Storm as he expresses his vulnerability and raw emotion across the ten tracks.

In the exclusive track by track that follows, Storm has generously provided an in-depth description of the songs included in Wonder, Won’t You? Delving into each composition with meticulous insight, Storm unveils the stories and emotions woven into the fabric of the album, allowing fans to appreciate the depth and authenticity embedded within.

1. ‘Warm a Cold Heart’

A song about being kinder to yourself and belief in the good parts of who you are. To throw away and let go of the parts of you that are holding you back from becoming who you want to be. Kind of like the dream version of yourself. A lot of soft energy with this song. A gentle and caring heart. Thoughtfulness. Relaxing into your body and a sense that everything is going to be okay. But also a slightly desperate longing for this way of life too. A deep yearning to be that person. Seeing the best in people and wanting that for yourself too. Finding people who make you feel that way.

2. ‘Stone’

Resilience. Learning to be okay with being alone. The pain of losing your sense of community and some friendships because you’re changing and growing. Needing to isolate and regroup and be in peace and quiet. To reassess. The pain that can come along with that loneliness and rediscovery during that journey. Wanting to fit in and belong but finding its time to be by yourself, despite it being hard. But doing the self-work, digging deeper into yourself to learn what you need.

3. ‘My Way Home’

A simple love song. Like a dream. The moment you have when an overwhelming sense of gratitude flows through you after being with or thinking about someone who you care so deeply about. The moment where they make everything feel okay and at peace. The feeling of a lifelong connection and a comfort in finding someone who sees you and connects with you in such a way that you couldn’t dream of but makes so much sense. Being in awe of who they are, inspired by the way they live and express themselves against the grain of society.

4. ‘Daylight Sun’

Seeing someone you love needing help and opening your heart to them. Lending a shoulder, an ear and being there for them when they need someone desperately. Helping someone in a dark and repetitive pattern of pain. Who disappears a lot, isolates.

5. ‘In Good Time’

Written after 5 days into a writing trip and feeling so stuck with being creative. Listening to the very first demo of sense of home and reflecting on all the years that have passed since I was that person writing that song. A reply to sense of home from the perspective of today.

6. ‘This Love’

The chase of love. Desire. Meeting someone who completely makes you want them. Someone who ignites the fire inside you. A wanting and craving. Uncertainty that it’s the best thing for you, but an enjoyment in that lust. Intoxicated by the chemistry.

7. ‘Life Ain’t Ordinary’

A conversation with yourself when you have the heaviest of feelings. The feeling of struggling to drag one foot in front of the other, to keep moving forward. But also being okay in this heaviness, feeling it. Accepting that it does arise in life from time to time and riding it out. The confusion of being there though. The extreme highs and lows a mood can take. A day feels like a year and a year feels like a day. The quick turns and the long turns. The full spectrum of depressive energy and anxiety. Unpredictable. Being stuck in a desert with only a tiny amount of water left. The fever dream and detachment from reality that you feel. But at the end of the day, you will be okay and it will pass.

8. ‘The Wind and the Wild’

The magic and mystery of a spontaneous connection. The story and moments from that connection. Rolling with spontaneity. Following the feelings and the energy and being completely in your body and not in your mind. Exploring and curiosity. Reflecting on that connection.

9. ‘Tomorrow’

The moments where you have some sort of awakening to madness of society/culture and the chaos that exists in life and how it becomes normal. You start questioning yourself and life. The craziness of normal. And from that, retreating to the comfort of a loved one, and the presence that brings. That need for safety in order to tackle the world. The weight of perspective. From this place of clarity you have about society, it gives you a sense of purpose to be who you want to be. Despite all that is going on, you still have a choice. Not letting that reality of it all to bring but you down but to accept it and roll with it.

10. ‘Better With You’

A song about breaking free from normal conventions in life and love. Surrendering to a new path and a new way of living. With someone you love. The restlessness of that transition. The transformation.

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