Dog Park – ‘Festina Lente’

Track By Track: Dog Park discuss their debut album, Festina Lente

Festina Lente
Album cover for Festina Lente by Dog Park courtesy of the artist

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Paris, France, Dog Park is not your typical dream pop band. And Festina Lente is not your typical debut album. With a penchant for defying conventions and an innovative approach to music-making, this avant-garde collective brings a fresh perspective to the music scene. Comprised of multi-instrumentalists who effortlessly swap roles, each track on Festina Lente is infused with a unique essence that reflects the band’s dynamic creativity. So sit back, press play, and read about all the tracks on Festina Lente.

1. ‘Sunny Decadence’

The aftermath of a night of festivities, where the intoxication of alcohol dissipates into a feeling of emptiness the next day. The hollow feeling of resigning yourself to a stagnant relationship, where the spark has died out but remains unsaid.

2. ‘Time’

Waiting for time, without ever having enough.

3. ‘Lalala’

No more love, words and sex. The future ahead of you.

4. ‘Stimulation’

The chorus was inspired by someone playing with a ball alone at night. The couplets revolve around alcohol abuse. Mood changes. The feeling of wanting to improve but end up making a situation worse.

5. ‘Goldfish’

It is made longer by his girlfriend, who leaves the apartment with her TV and her goldfish.

6. ‘Rewind’

An invitation to go for a walk, one last time, on a boulevard in the north of Paris.

7. ‘Trial and Error’

An abstract journey into research and artistic creation, failure and its sometimes random success.

8. ‘Kaleidoscope’

The struggle of a soul torn between an exacerbated awareness of the darkness of the world and a desire to escape. Disgust at human violence, where dreams and reality intertwine.

9. ‘Head in the Clouds’

Feeling misunderstood but still wanting to live in your own way.

10. ‘Mirror’

The words create a dreamlike abstraction, evoking the ticking of a clock and the transience of time. It reflects how fleeting thoughts can suddenly lose their importance. Moving on to love, it emphasizes the need to move on when a story ends, re-entering the heart to embrace new beginnings.

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