3 New Albums Out This Week You Should Listen to Now:  Blur, Guided by Voices, and Paris Texas

3 New Albums Out This Week You Should Listen to Now: Blur, Guided by Voices, and Paris Texas

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There’s so much good music out in the ether that sometimes it’s difficult to parse through all of it. Every week The Daily Music Report will do the hard work for you and highlight the best releases available on streaming services.

This week we’re highlighting new music from Blur, Guided by Voices, and Paris Texas.

Blur – The Ballad of Darren

Blur’s latest album, titled The Ballad of Darren, has arrived after several triumphant reunion shows at Wembley Stadium. Conceived during Albarn’s time with Gorillaz in 2022, the songs came to life in London and Devon studios in 2023, enriched by fellow bandmates Graham Coxon, Alex James, and Dave Rowntree’s contributions. The album portrays life’s journey and transformation with a profound sense of rejuvenation and spiritual evolution.

Standout Songs: St. Charles Square, Barbaric, The Narcissist


The Ballad of Darren

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Guided by Voices – Welshpool Frillies

American indie rock band, Guided by Voices, have released their highly anticipated 36th studio album, Welshpool Frillies. In a departure from their previous works, which were predominantly recorded at a New Jersey studio, the band’s producer, Travis Harrison, opted for a live-to-tape recording in a Brooklyn basement. This album is part of an impressive streak of eight studio albums released by the band within a span of three years.

Standout Songs: Meet the Star, Romeo Surgeon, Don’t Blow Your Dream Job, Seedling, Welshpool Frillies


Welshpool Frillies

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Paris Texas – MID AIR

Comprised of Louie Pastel and Felix, L.A. hip-hop duo Paris Texas have readied their first full-length album, MID AIR. Release on July 21st, the album’s name references the amorphous quality the genre-hopping rapper-producers have made their calling card.

Standout Songs: tenTHIRTYseven, DnD (feat. Kenny Mason), Bullet Man, Panic, Everybody’s Safe Until…


Mid Air

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