3 New Albums Out This Week You Should Listen to Now: boygenius, Lies, and Deerhoof

3 New Albums Out This Week You Should Listen to Now: boygenius, Deerhoof, and Lies

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There’s so much good music out in the ether that sometimes it’s difficult to parse through all of it. Every week The Daily Music Report will do the hard work for you and highlight the best releases available on streaming services.

This week we’re highlighting new music from boygenius, Lies, and Deerhoof.

boygenius – the record

In the fall of 2018, three of the most promising singer-songwriters in the indie rock scene joined forces to form boygenius: Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus. What began as a series of solo shows quickly blossomed into a creative partnership marked by mutual admiration and a shared desire to push each other to new heights. The result – a 12-track debut LP aptly titled the record. Exploring themes of love, loss, and self-discovery with unflinching honesty and vulnerability the trio’s raw emotional power and songwriting prowess reaches a height not seen too often in modern music. Soaring harmonies, piercing lyrics, and a singular blend of their voices let you know they are a force to be reckoned with.

Standout Songs: Emily I’m Sorry, True Blue, Cool About It, Not Strong Enough, We’re In Love, Letter To An Old Poet


boygenius - the record

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Lies – LIES

The dynamic duo behind the critically acclaimed band American Football, Mike Kinsella and Nate Kinsella, have embarked on a new musical venture in 2022 with the formation of their new band Lies. After months of anticipation, their highly-anticipated debut album, aptly named LIES, was released on March 31. The album follows the journey of a young man grappling with addiction and mental health struggles, weaving a tale that is both raw and honest. Released through LIES Records, the album boasts an impressive production team, with the band themselves taking on the role of producers and the legendary Dave Fridmann on mixing duties.

Standout Songs: Echoes, Resurrection, Camera Chimera


Lies - Lies

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Deerhoof – Miracle–Level

With a career spanning almost three decades, Deerhoof has been pushing the boundaries of experimental rock since their formation in 1994. Now, the San Francisco band is back with their latest album, Miracle–Level, which marks a bold departure from their typically noisy and chaotic sound. Instead, the album is an intimate and stripped-down affair that puts a renewed emphasis on melody and emotional lyrics exploring themes of love, loss, hope, and despair. Not only is this Deerhoof’s 19th album, but it’s also their first all-Japanese release and their first entirely studio-recorded album. With Miracle-Level, Deerhoof proves once again that they are masters of reinvention and musical innovation.

Standout Songs: Sit Down, Let Me Tell You A Story., My Lovely Cat, Miracle-Level, Phase-Out All Remaining Non-Miracles by 2008, Momentary Art of Soul!


Deerhoof - Miracle-Level

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