SOMOH Interview

Interview: SOMOH discusses her creative process, how she came to work with Joel Johnston (Far Caspian), and the sonic inspiration behind her debut EP

SOMOH Interview
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Meet Sophia Mohan, the talented 20-year-old London-based singer-songwriter behind SOMOH, her soulful solo project. With a unique blend of bedroom-pop and 90s indie rock influences, SOMOH’s deeply personal and insightful music has captured the attention of fans and critics alike. Yesterday (March 30) marks the release of her debut EP, A Plan To Get Home, which highlights her talent for crafting contemplative, introspective, and meditative songs that ponder life’s many twists and turns. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down with SOMOH and learn more about her creative process and inspirations.

Congratulations on the release of your debut EP! How does it feel to have your first multi-track project complete and available for the world to hear?

SOMOH: Thanks so much! One part of me is absolutely wrecked with nerves and the other is bursting with excitement! More than anything, I’m relieved that this body of work is not just mine to listen to anymore. I hope there can be a song in there for everyone to enjoy.

Your songs are deeply personal, covering themes of love, friendships, family, and the self. Can you talk about what sharing your intimate thoughts on these topics means for you?

I’ve always used songwriting as a means to articulate my feelings, so while its frightening opening up about such personal topics, it serves its purpose in helping me process the things that I’ve been through in a safe and creative way.

At the end of ‘My Body Is A Friend,’ you can hear someone say something and then some laughter. Can you let us in on what’s going on there?

The producer Mack Jamieson and I, thought it’d be a cool idea to have an acoustic ending to pay homage to the original song I brought into the studio. I think I got a bit flustered and ended up laughing in the take, but we decided the candidness of it all was quite sweet and kept it in!

Can you discuss the creative process behind the EP? How did it come to fruition?

All these songs were written between the ages of 17-20, so for me it captures a coming of age theme that I wanted to explore. The title track ‘A Plan To Get Home’ was about a bad drunken night out where all I wanted was to get back to the safe space of my bedroom. It’s the place where these songs began and where I felt (and will always feel) most open to express my feelings about the challenges I was facing. Once I made that connection, I think all the puzzle pieces fit and I could see it as a cohesive body of work.

The EP, as you know, was produced by Joel Johnston (Far Caspian). Can you talk about your friendship and what the collaboration with Joel means to you?

I was actually a big fan of Joel’s music before we ever worked together. In the first lockdown, I posted an Instagram cover of his song ‘Conversations’ which he saw and the rest is history! It’s quite surreal that I get to work with someone that I really admire both creatively and personally.

What are some songs or albums that influenced the EP? Can you take us through some of the sounds that shaped this project?

Some of my favourite albums from that time were ‘I Love My Mom’ by Indigo De Souza, ‘Trick’ by Alex G and ‘Simpatico’ by Golden Daze. This project has more of a DIY feel, so sonically I took inspiration from bedroom pop and incorporated heavier elements of 90’s indie rock that I love.

What’s next on the horizon?

There’s nothing I can officially announce, but I can assure you there will be lots more music and lots more gigs on the way. I think now that the first EP is out in the world, there’s no stopping me!

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